Race Day Schedule and Check List

March 17, 2018

Race Day Schedule

  • 5:00am – Transition Area Opens, Body Marking
  • 6:15am – Welcome Ceremonies at the pool
  • 6:30am – Men’s Triathlon Race Start
  • 7:00am – Women’s Triathlon Race Start at the pool, Women’s Duathlon Race Start at the Soccer Field
  • 7:15am – Coed 5k Start at Soccer Field by Phoenix Swim club

Bike cut off time will be 9:30am– all cyclist must be past 36th Street and Stanford Dr on their second loop by 9:30am. Anyone not past this point by 9:30 will be directed to the transition area. Athletes can still finish the run portion of the race.

Awards ceremony will be held onsite at the finish line beginning at 9:30 am


What to Pack

Tip: Carry one bag with all your items, rather than many bags – a ‘transition’ bag.

Transition Bag will hold:

  • Bike Helmet
  • Bike Shoes (if applicable)
  • Running shoes
  • Hat (if you run with this)
  • Race belt with race # already on (from the night before). Race belts are very inexpensive and worth the purchase. The alternative to a race belt is to safety pin your number on the shirt you intend to run in. Bib numbers need to be on the front of your body when crossing the finish line.
  • Swim goggles (A swim cap will be given to you at packet pick up)
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-chaff (bodyglide, Vaseline)
A BOA is not recommended on Race Day.  Though it is a great fashion statement.
A BOA is not recommended on Race Day. Though it is a great fashion statement.

What to Wear:

Choose a comfortable triathlon specific outfit or bathing suit.

Most common option:

  • Tri-shorts (similar to bike shorts without the big padding) and Tri Top: Like a tankini – a swim suit top that covers your whole torso. With this option you wear it the whole race, no changing necessary
  • You may choose to wear a bathing suit for the swim and throw shorts over it for the bike and run. Either way make sure you practice in your outfit before race day so you know you will be comfortable.


What to Expect on Race Day:

  • When you arrive find a spot in transition
    • It is first come, first serve. Be sure to look around and take a land mark as to where your bike is and don’t forget when coming out of the water.
  • Rack your bike by putting the nose of the seat on the bar and set up your transition area by getting your running shoes and bike helmet out of the bag
  • Get body marked. Volunteers with markers will mark your arms and legs with your race # and age
  • Warm up. Jump around, do a little jog – wake up your body.
  • When it is time you will leave your bike and transition area and walk (usually barefoot) with swim goggles in hand and cap on your head to the pool. There is no need to wear your number until you come out of the water.