Course Information

Race Course Information


Race Day Parking. Click on the map bellow to enlarge the overview of the race site.


Triathlon only competitors, 400 meter, serpentine swim. Athletes go off one at a time, every 10 seconds. Swim down one pool length, duck under the lane line and swim back. Complete 8 laps. Click on the map bellow to enlarge.

MOXIE MULTISPORT BIKE COURSE (Triathlon and Duathlon races)

On both the triathlon and duathlon races, competitors must complete 2 laps of a 4 mile course, total 8 miles  **A bike with gears is HIGHLY recommended for this bike course**

The bike is not technical and doesn’t require much experience. However, be aware there are hills and turns on the race course.   Click on the map bellow to enlarge.

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RUN COURSE (Triathlon, Duathlon and Sole Sport 5K Race)

Participants of the triathlon and duathlon races must complete 2.4 miles on the Arizona Canal. Click on the map below to enlarge.

Leave transition area heading south on the sidewalk of 40th St. Turn right onto the south bank of the Az canal. Follow the canal to 32nd St. At 32nd St there will be a water station. Turn right onto the sidewalk of 32nd St. Immediate right onto the north canal back heading east. Follow signs to finish.

FINISH LINE (All races)

Join us at the Soccer Field by the Phoenix Swim Club to welcome every finisher of the race. We will have post race food and a great party going on!