Frequently Asked Questions


What time should I arrive?

The transition area opens at 5:00 am. If you arrive before 5:00 am, you will not be able to access the transition area. We suggest you arrive between 5:00am and 5:30am to allow time to park and walk to the transition area. All athletes MUST be in and set up in the transition area by 6:00 a.m.

Directions & Parking

2018 Registration Rates?

Registration Fees:

Tri/Du Early Registration 10/1-11/30 $                    85.00
Registration 12/1-12/31 $                    95.00
On Time Registration 1/1-2/14 $                  105.00
Late Registration 2/15-3/16 $                  115.00
Coed 5k Early Registration 10/1-11/30 $                    40.00
Registration 12/1-12/31 $                    45.00
On Time Registration 1/1-2/14 $                    50.00
Late Registration 2/15-3/16 $                    55.00
Relay Early Registration 10/1-11/30 $                  185.00
Registration 12/1-12/31 $                  195.00
On Time Registration 1/1-2/14 $                  205.00
Late Registration 2/15-3/16 $                  215.00
Can I get a refund if I can't make this years race?

It is not our policy to give refunds or deferrals, and registrations cannot be transferred to another athlete. Please contact

Where should I park?

Race Day Parking
No vehicles are allowed in the transition area . After parking, you will walk your bike and gear to transition. Parking volunteers and signs will be on site to direct you.

What time will my Wave start?

Men Tri will start at approximately 6:30 am, Women Tri/Duathlon will start approximately at 7:30 am, the Coed 5k will start at 7:45 am

How are the Waves assigned?

Participants will be assigned to a wave based on age. You will receive your wave number at the Race Expo in your race packet.

What should I bring with me on race day to the transition area?

Race Day Checklist for you- Click HERE

When is the Bike cut off time?

Bike cut off time will be 9:30am- all cyclist must be past 36th Street and Stanford Dr on their second loop by 9:30am. Anyone not past this point by 9:30 will be directed to the transition area. Athletes can still finish the run portion of the race.

How is the transition area set up?

The bike racks in the transition area will be first come first serve. You can set up your transition spot anywhere on a bike rack, there will be 6 bikes per rack. Please be considerate of all the athletes by using a reasonable amount of space (There will be a separate transition area for the Men to rack their bikes).  Here is a good example of a transition setup .


Why do I have to be at transition so early when my wave doesn’t go off until much later in the morning?

We ask that all athletes be in the transition area and set up by 6:00am because the roads close and access to the transition area is not possible after 6:00am. Spectators may arrive at any time, however, roads in the area are restricted after 6:00am.

How do I keep track of my transition spot?

It’s not uncommon for athletes to lose track of their spot among 1,000 bikes especially when you are focused solely on your race. Consider bringing a bright balloon with a unique design and tie it on the bike rack designating your space. Or choose a landmark directly in front of your bike that will help you navigate coming from the pool. You’ll be less likely to get lost in the craziness of the transition area!

Where are the restrooms?

Toilets for participants are available in the transition area, at the pool and at the finish line.

Where can a spectator get something to eat or drink?

Water is available for spectators at a water table near the pool. The food in the Food Tent at the finish line is provided for athletes only. Remember to bring your own food according to your training and day-of-event plan. There will be a vendor providing a wide variety of snacks and coffee.

Can spectators get into the swim area to see the participants do the swim portion?

Yes, spectators may view the swim portion of the race.

Will there be professional medical personnel on hand?

Medical personnel are stationed throughout the race course and the park for your safety. Our medical tent is located near the finish line. Emergency Medical Technicians are located in key areas for each event. Every measure is taken to ensure the safety of all athletes. You are strongly encouraged to visit the site prior to race day. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the drive from your home to ease stress on race morning.

What kind of bike can I ride?

You may ride a bike from any category, ie., mountain, hybrid, townie, road or tri bike. You may not ride a recumbent bike or a tandem bike. If you plan to use a bike that has not been ridden for an extended period of time, make sure it is in top working condition before you begin training with it. We STRONGLY recommend that you ride a bike with gears since there are some hills on the course and gears will make it easier to ride up hill.  Here is a Link to the Race Course

* DO NOT ride a new or different bike for the first time on race day.
* DO NOT arrive at the event with a bike that is not in excellent operating condition, including the tires.
* Note: there is bike maintenance assistance at transition.